Manager Readme January 2021

11 January 2021

My hope is that this answers a few questions about my thought process and adds a set of conversation starters. This does not replace getting to know each other and I expect it to change over time!

My mission

Help people become the best they can be.

My role

Build effective autonomous teams that can focus on being productive. These pieces are based on Google’s Project Aristotle:

  • Physiological safety. Feel safe taking risks
  • Dependability. Everyone meets the performance bar
  • Structure and Clarity. Clear roles, plans, and goals
  • Meaning. The work is important to you
  • Impact. Your input matters

What you should expect from me

  • Provide context

    • Draw a full picture of the business and its priorities so that you can make good decisions
    • Shield the team from people trying to diver out attention and focus
    • Make relevant information easily discoverable
  • Enabling growth

  • Update processes

    • There is no guarantee a process that worked yesterday will still work today, buildup can quickly become scar tissue or bureaucracy
    • I try to avoid Null Process as much as I can
    • Change my behavior

What you should not expect me to

  • Manage your time
  • Manage your task
  • Agree with you on everything

What I expect you to do

  • Do amazing work. This is the expectation. Let me know if there is something preventing you from accomplishing this.
  • Disagree with me. The best solution comes from a healthy level of debate. We need to be able to separate our ideas from our egos. I’ll challenge your ideas with the goal of coming to the best possible solution, I hope you’ll - challenge mine.
  • Tell me when I screw up. This is very important. I screw up and sometimes don’t notice. I need to know or I’ll likely do it again.
  • Communicate. One of my jobs is to provide context. Are you missing some? Let me know and I’ll fill you in or go find out.

What I expect you not to do

  • Execute without understanding the value
  • Come to me with a problem before having though it

Meeting Protocol

Meetings can be great or a potential waste of time. For that reason, here are some rules:

  1. Single owner that manages the meeting.
  2. Clear agenda and desirable outcome in the calendar. If there’s no agenda, don’t accept. I won’t.
  3. Start on time. If someone is late, start without them. If you can’t, cancel the meeting. Don’t wait for people! It’s bad education.
  4. Action items with ownership are mandatory. A meeting is useless if there’s no TODO at the end of it. Also, if there’s no owner to each of them, they won’t happen.
  5. Schedule ONLY if necessary. Use the link to decide.
  6. Minimize attendance. Only invite required people. Don’t invite nice-to-have-you’s. More people, less potential value from the meeting.
  7. Feel free to get up and leave if a meeting is useless to you, or if you have nothing to contribute. Don’t worry, you can do that to anyone, myself included.

Feel free to reach out if there is anything in here you would be interested in chatting about!